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Job Hub is a community organization seeking to assist displaced Ukrainians due to the ongoing conflict in their country. The Government of Canada has quickly developed a procedure to enable entry to Canada and the ability to obtain permits authorizing work in Canada.

Among those that have been forced to flee their country are people of a wide variety of Skills that are available to assist Canadian employers meet their staffing needs. In an effort to assist with this critical settlement need we encourage Canadian employers to consider hiring newly arriving Ukrainians.

Ukrainians under the CUAET policy are allowed to apply for up to a 3 year open work permit ( this can be done at the same time as a Visitor Visa) . An open work permit allows the worker to apply for work with any employer and it also allows the employer to hire the person of their choice with no issue if the worker/applicant has an open work permit.

Letter of support from the Ukrainian Canadian Congress

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